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It’s not as flashy as Mplayer or TEN, it doesn’t handle the id Software action games as well as DWANGO, and it isn’t a true online gaming service, at least not in the same sense as the others reviewed here. But in spite of all this, Kali is the one service in this review that impressed us the most.

Kali is an Internet utility that emulates an IPX network connection over the Internet. Basically, it tricks your PC into thinking it is attached to a LAN. With Kali, you can set up and play any multiplayer game that supports IPX connections–which most of them do.…


There are different styles of Taiji Quan, each with its own features. They differ not only in the set pattern routines, but also in the push hand and free hand exercises between partners.

In this respect Chen Style, which originated in Chenjiagou (Chen family gully) in Henan province and from which many other styles were derived, has aroused particular attention among Taiji Quan followers.…


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